ClassNotes is a non-profit organization I founded to bring chamber music to public schools across America.

Mission Statement:
ClassNotes is a non-profit chamber music society of young artists who specialize in creating, implementing and presenting school workshops and residencies, which culminate in public performances for students and the surrounding community. By presenting teaching musicians who are articulate speakers, charismatic personalities, and exemplary artists, ClassNotes seeks to inspire enthusiastic and engaged new listeners.

What We Do:
A group of chamber musicians spend one week in a given school. Based on previous consultation with the academic teachers, we present a music curriculum that complements and highlights what the students are already learning. For instance, a fifth grade class studying fractions might learn how fractions exist within music while studying a Bartok quartet, figuring out how to clap and decipher complicated rhythms using the math they have been taught. At the end of the week, the musicians perform a concert for the entire community, featuring the music that the students have been hearing all week.

Who We Are:
I have put together a group of the finest musicians I know, all long time friends from either Encore, the Cleveland Institute of Music, Juilliard or Marlboro. Not only are they all amazing musicians, but they are brilliant and funny and we have such a great time together. Click here to see a complete list of ClassNotes' artists.


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We need lots of financial help to get off the ground! If you are interested in supporting ClassNotes, we, and all the kids who will benefit from our workshops will be eternally grateful! Click here if you would like information about supporting our program!