Mozart Piano Trio Album Release!
The recording I made of Mozart Piano Trio in B-flat with Angela Jia Kim and Julie Albers was released September 29, 2006 on Angela's new Mozart CD (Miro Classical Records.) Available now through or at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby,Tower, Borders, and Barnes & Nobles.


I just joined this wonderful chamber music group devoted to performing works of contemporary composers. Check out our website here.

The non-profit I started to introduce public school kids to chamber music

This is the website for my fantastic, patient and talented web-designer, Michael Kranz. I highly recommend him if you are looking to build a website.

Angela Jia Kim
A wonderful pianist. Check out her new CD with me as a special guest artist!

Julie Albers
A wonderful cellist, also on Angela's CD and also my colleague at Kean.

Annaliesa Place
A great violinist
This is my friend Andrew Stoeckley’s website. He is the talented filmmaker who made my music video. Andrew was a Project Greenlight Finalist. You can watch other examples of his work on this website.